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Striving Towards Sustainable Renting?

As the instigators of Goes Green , Compton Green are always on the look out for environmentally sustainable ideas to help landlords and tenants. Linnet Good from ReNew magazine offers some advice.

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REIV Calls on Water Retailers and Real Estate Agencies to Co-operate

The President of the REIV, Adrian Jones has welcomed an innovative new program for rental accommodation that will be launched today by the Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Steve Herbert. Mr Jones said that the REIV would like to see the program in operation state-wide. “Western suburbs real estate agency, Compton Green’s new program, ‘Going Green’ will contribute to the environmental sustainability of rental properties by highlighting what can be done in each property to save water and electricity.”

The core part of the program is a checklist that the agency undertakes on properties that they manage.

The checklist assesses;

  • showerheads
  • water tanks & grey water systems
  • toilets
  • facilities for recycling bin and compost
  • air conditioning and heating units
  • lighting

“In a particularly innovative and simple move, when a property does not have a AAA rated showerhead, City West Water will offer a water efficient showerhead for the property owner to have installed. “We are talking to other water retailers, hoping that they follow the lead of City West Water and work with other REIV agencies to help us all play our part in saving water and energy,” Mr Jones concluded. City West Water Managing Director, Anne Barker said: “Goes Green will make a real contribution to water saving, as each water-efficient showerhead installed in a rental property will save around 12,000 litres of water a year. This excellent initiative by Compton Green is an example of how business and the community are making every effort to save water. The REIV is also to be commended for seeing the program’s potential to help all Victorian rental properties ‘go green’.”


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